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As soon as you place your order and complete your order details, we will get started with your order. Your order will be delivered/posted as per the delivery date and you get to approve the content and request unlimited revisions within 07 days from delivery.

PS: If you have any additional inputs while your content order is being executed, you can request the same from your account page.
Here is a snapshot of the information that we will need from your side.

A sample of our Client Questionnaire for your reference!

We accept payments through PayPal and all major credit credits. Please note that all payments have to be made in advance for the order to be processed.
General Blog Niches include those niches that do not require industry expertise. The packages in General Blog Niches come with content written by professional writers that is SEO optimized, written for a general audience and includes industries such as, Arts & Culture, Beauty & Wellness, Entertainment & Gaming, Family & Education, Fashion & Apparel, Fitness, Sports & Recreation, Food & Nutrition, Home Improvement & DIY, Leisure and Hospitality, Marketing & Online Business, News & Politics, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Retail & E-commerce, Travel & Hospitality etc.

Industry Expert Blog Niches, on the other hand include niches that require in depth research and industry expertise. The content in Industry Expert Niches is written by industry expert writers with deep knowledge of your industry. It includes industries such as Cannabis, Health & Medical, Insurance, Internet & Technology, IT & Data Security, SaaS & Software, SEO & Digital Marketing, Web Design, & Development etc.
Yup. We have a pool of industry expert writers for specific requirements including for niches that are considered difficult and require industry expertise!
Yes. Our service includes Topic Research, SEO Keyword Research, and SEO Metadata.

Topic Research - We find trending topics in your industry/niche with high ROI potentiaI (in terms of number of keyword searches, comments, shares etc.) and share them with you for approval.

Keyword Research - We find keywords with high ranking potential from your industry before starting to write on them to make sure that our content brings results for you.

SEO Metadata - We provide you with a keyword researched SEO meta title, meta descriptions, and headers.

PS: If you want us to post content directly to your WordPress website (by selecting the add-on during checkout), we will also optimize the post with an SEO title, description, short URL, focus keywords and more!
Absolutely. All the content that we create and deliver is 100% unique and checked with Copyscape Premium (report included).
For a one-time order - Your content will be delivered to you on or before the date as per the package and add-on(s) selected by you in your order.

For a recurring or monthly order - Your content will be delivered / posted directly to your WordPress Website / Social Media handles per your Content Calendar.

PS: Please note that for bulk orders (order exceeding 30,000 words), the time to deliver may exceed the specified delivery time in the package!
Sure, that is completely up to you! If you don’t want to choose a predesigned package, you can customize your order in terms of word count, number of posts etc. on the Build Your Own Content Package page. In case you need more assistance with this, reach out to us via the chat option on the bottom right side of your screen.
Our add-ons vary as per different services which you can select as per your requirement. These include:

Content Strategy (FREE) - This includes a 20 minute consultation with our Content Consultant to clear your content marketing objectives and help you create an action plan to achieve them.

Topic Research - We find trending topics in your industry/niche with high ROI potentiaI (in terms of number of keyword searches, comments, shares etc.) and share them with you for approval.

Keyword Research - We find keywords with high ranking potential (by using premium tools like SEMRush) from your industry before starting to write on them to make sure that our content brings results for you.

SEO Metadata - We provide you with a keyword researched SEO meta title, meta descriptions, and headers.

Posting Directly to Your Website/Social Media Handles - We post directly to your Website/Social Media Handles as per your schedule.

Express Delivery - Your content order will be delivered to you in lesser number of days as compared to standard delivery.

Custom Images & Graphic - If you don’t want a free stock image, we will create and deliver custom images / graphics / infographics as per your requirements.
Yep, you get to approve or disapprove all content delivered to you and in case you need revisions, you can request them unlimited times within 7 days from the delivery of content.

PS: Revision requests are rare because our writers are quite thorough with their work!
Yes, you can select the add-on for posting directly to your website/social media handle as per your schedule or we can create a custom content calendar for your monthly content requirement!
Once you place a content order and submit your order information, we go to work on it. However, you can reach out to us via chat by selecting the "client support" option on the bottom right or you can simply reach out to our client support team by raising a support ticket on the contact us page.
We are afraid that is not possible as our content writers work according to a set schedule. However, you can provide all relevant details related to your project in the order information form and in case of a specific request, you can include it in the order information itself.
In case you need revisions, you can request them unlimited times as per our revision policy, within 07 days from the delivery of the content. You can also share your feedback or any specific requirements with us in your revision request and we will incorporate them.

PS: Revision requests are quite rare because our writers are thorough with their work!

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Video Scripts, Podcast Scripts & more; our professional script writing services will keep your audience engaged

Words hold real power to captivate people. While written words capture the eyes of readers, spoken words rule their aural senses. You might need a script for a video or a podcast script but to make the right impact, you need to have a great script. Scripts, when delivered well, can move hearts and change minds. But those moving words need to be written first. And that is where our professional script writing services come into the picture!

Script writing is quite different from writing that is intended to be read. Words that are written to be spoken aloud need to carry inbuilt intonation and engage in real converse with the listeners. The script should be designed in a way that when it is delivered, the ideas arrange themselves with the speaker’s voice.

A script has the power to involve the audience, and make them become a part of it. It is like a conversation that engages the audience through dialogue delivery. For it to have the desired impact, it is very necessary for it to have a natural flow. Mechanical scripts fail to connect to an audience.

Content Vista’s professional script writers are well-versed with the art of starting a conversation with the audience through their scripts. Their skill also helps them to maintain its flow to keep the viewers hinged. Our creative writers can provide exactly what you’re looking for! Over time, our expert script writers have created scripts in niches such as real estate, digital marketing, fashion advice, graphic design and many more.

Content Vista knows the worth of measured words, and makes sure that every single one counts. Our script writers furnish written scripts where every word holds great significance that adds to their richness.

We write quality scripts for videos, podcasts, and plays. Whether the dialogue is delivered by one person or multiple people, our only concern is to get your message across. Try a script draft written by our expert content writers and you’ll be glad that you chose our expert script writing services!

Creative script writing services to create the right atmosphere

To deliver your message, you must hire someone who is capable of building an atmosphere that surrounds the viewer completely. And this cannot be accomplished if the audience feels distant. It is very necessary to connect to them on an emotional level. Hence, you need a script writer that can satisfy what your target audience expects from you.

Our writers’ use of conversational language, choice of words, and breaks in sentences, all contribute towards connecting with the viewer. They put emphasis on every little detail that helps creating an attractive bubble around your audience.

Our professional script writers understand your audience

To know what your audience wants is the first and foremost step towards writing a successful script. It can only be appreciated if the audience can relate to it. Hence, while developing the most creative and engaging script for you, our script writers also keep in mind the requirements of your audience.

We create scripts based on the target audience’s age, gender, and profession to offer them something of their interest. If your audience likes it, then it will always return to you for more content. And we are here to make sure that this actually happens!

Our awesome scripts speaks for themselves

Our experience has allowed us to gain new insights on writing engaging scripts. It has not only shown us our capabilities, but also made us realize what our customers want. Be it an amazing video script or an engaging podcast script, our script writers can create real magic. So far, we have worked with valuable customers who have the best opinions about us. Once we work with a client on a script, the client ends up staying with us. This is because our script writers keep coming up with one great script after another!

Our script writing services are customizable so that our clients can have just what they like. After all, we owe our success to our clients!

Our content writers cherish creating awesome content

Content Vista has a working atmosphere that lets our members think out of the box. And such working environment ultimately reflects on our working style. We don’t believe in creating mainstream content that is available everywhere. Instead, we want our clients to become a breath of fresh air for their audience through creative scripts.

We always strive to make our customers happy through our top-notch services. Our content is 100 hundred percent original, fresh and rigorously edited. We also make timely submissions to our clients because we value their time. If, in case, the final product requires requires revisions, we also offer free unlimited revisions until the desired result is achieved.

Trust our expert script writers to deliver exactly what you need. Schedule a free discussion and let us discuss your requirements!

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