October 25, 2017 Team Content Vista

5 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website So Soon

A website can make or break a business and having one is essential in today’s business world. It is a source through which a company and its products reach out to customers.

On the flip side, websites have been around for ages and most businesses, from large multinationals to your neighborhood street business, have their own website leading to a lot of competition.

Yes, your website may have healthy page views. But are page views equivalent to interest, reading time and page engagement? Is your website actually holding the attention of visitors and keeping them there?

The answer in case of many websites may well turn out to be ‘No’. [tweetshare tweet=”Most websites have to face the effect of low attention span in the form of bounce rate.” username=”HiContentvista”] People may click on your website, but they may not actually read through what’s written on your website.

So why are people reluctant to spend more time on your website and leave it so soon? Let’s take a look beneath the glossy colors and innovative design.

Unnecessary or Bad Content

Take a moment and think; why does anyone visit your website?

The simple answer is, to get information, correct information and get it quickly. The answer is so basic and obvious but many businesses complicate what they are trying to say through unnecessary and muddled content.

Information on your website needs to be clear, to the point and properly structured. If visitors can’t find what they are looking for, they will leave and move on to your competitors’ website, period.

Poor Search Engine Optimization

Even if the content on your website is technically and grammatically correct; without proper keywords, your website will not make it to search results and end up unseen and unknown.

Even if visitors reach a poorly ranked site, they may feel it is authentic and end up leaving it.

You can make your website more visible through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with the help of keywords. Keywords are common words used by people to make searches on the web. SEO enables trust in the people who are looking for information.

On the flipside, using too many keywords (known as keyword stuffing) too must be avoided at all costs!

Image Source: NYS Zone

Poor Website Design

The content on your website is important but how it is presented and how the website is designed is equally important. Users subconsciously pass judgment on the website design as good, bad or average in terms of menus, submenus, borders, buttons, backgrounds, and other elements such as images, and banners.

The key is to place the right content, text, photos, videos, animations etc. at the right place on the website. If visitors find that your website is badly designed with unappealing colors and poor navigation, they are more likely to leave quickly.

Lack of Emotional Connection

Visitors’ need to feel emotionally connected to your website is so subconscious that they are unlikely to express it in words. [tweetshare tweet=”When visitors come to your website, they are making you a part of their life.” username=”HiContentvista”] They want to feel that your website provides them the solution they are seeking.

If your business website comes across as a drab workplace with dull colors and unremarkable content, people will leave your website faster than you can say ‘emotional connection’.

Your website content needs to be engaging and using techniques such as loyalty programs, gift system, special offers, free secondary services, special discounts etc. makes people feel special and more connected to your business website.

Website Speed

Even if you have the most amazing website in the world, it is of no use if the visitors have to wait too long for it to open. Content heavy websites with a lot of pictures, videos and other graphics especially need to be optimized for users to have a seamless experience.

Time is money and nobody these days waits for slow websites to load resulting in a very high bounce rate. The result; a customer lost to a competitor just because the competitor’s website is faster to load.

Your website is your identity and it is up to you to make it your strength and not your weakness. As per statistics, an average visitor spends less than 15 seconds on a web page. Within such tight margins, if your website is anything short of brilliant, then it is game over.