Common Grammatical Errors Killing The Essence Of Your Article

September 13, 2018
September 13, 2018 Team Content Vista

Jennifer could read the recipe easily written in the book.

In the above statement, it is not understood whether the adverb ‘easily’ is meant to modify the way Jennifer reads the recipe or how it is written. The same sentence could even have been framed like this –

Jennifer could easily read the recipe written in the book.

Thus, it is evident that although overlooked, grammar plays an important role in content writing. Does not matter how good you are at writing or how fluent you are in spoken English, the knowledge of technical aspects of the language plays an important role in determining the rank of your write-up.

An amusing and probably unexpected consequence of the growth in social media for marketing is an increased need for good writing skills. Over time content has established as an important part of the websites and has started drawing attention from almost everyone! Be it general blog posts or technical articles, everything requires both useful content and good writing to attract and keep readers. Gone are the days, when people could publish just anything and get away with it. With changing times trends have changed and so have the views and judgment parameters of the readers.

Talking about grammatical aspects of the write-ups, the elements of good writing are few: grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. By mastering some rules, conventions and common nitty-gritty of the subject, you can make your write-up intellectually pleasing, easily understandable and worthy of sharing.

It is grammar that explains the forms and structure of words and how they should be arranged in sentences. These rules act as a fixed protocol and cannot be changed by anyone! In other words, grammar provides the rules for common use of both spoken and written language, which everyone must pay attention to.

Besides, grammar is vital as it provides clues that help the reader’s comprehension. It is the structure that conveys precise meaning from the writer to the readers. Eliminating grammatical errors from your writing is as important as checking the factual authenticity of the post.

Extending the concept, here we have brought you some of the most common grammatical errors found in write-ups these days –

Incorrect Use Of Apostrophe



Your/ you’re

Which one to go with?

An apostrophe. although seems insignificant, completely changes the meaning of the sentence. The apostrophe is only used during implying it is or you are. Without the apostrophe, it means belonging to it.

Example 1

Incorrect: Its going to be great

Correct: It’s (It is) going to be great

Example 2

Incorrect: Your a great listener

Correct: You’re (You are) a great listener


There are several words which sound the same but have different meanings.







These words, although, sound similar have different meanings and can change the entire context of the sentence.


Incorrect: I excepted his gift of flowers

Correct: I accepted his gift of flowers

Subject-Verb Agreement

The subject and verb should be in agreement with each other when we use them in a sentence. If the subject of the sentence is singular, the verb must also be singular. On similar lines, if the subject is plural then the verb must be plural as well.

Example 1

Incorrect: The Falcons basketball team have made it to the finals.

Correct: The Falcons basketball team has made it to the finals.

Example 2

Incorrect: Hundreds of people has gathered around the city to protest.

Correct: Hundreds of people have gathered around the city to protest.

Usage Of Comma

A comma must be used following the introductory section or phrase of the sentence.


Incorrect: Hello please come inside.

Correct: Hello, please come inside.

Comma Splice

Whenever two different sentences having an independent clause are joined together with a comma, a comma splice occurs.

Example 1

Incorrect: My intention was to win the game, however my physical condition was deteriorated.

Correct: My intention was to win the game, however, my physical condition was deteriorated.

Example 2

Incorrect: I baked bread for the children, we then shared it with them.

Correct: I baked bread for the children. We then shared it with them.

These were the most frequently encountered grammatical errors. Apart from these, many common mistakes can be figured out in any random write-up. It all depends on our level of practice and the command we have over the subject. The more we practice, the less we make mistakes. Overlooking details can cost you big time. These seemingly insignificant details decide what impression we form.

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen – John Wooden