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Business Storytelling: The New Age Customer Engagement Concept

Scene 1

Once upon a time, in a garage at 2066 Crist Drive in the city of Los Altos, California, a company was conceived by two people. It was born of an idea to create a product that would help people and make their lives easier. Soon the company was incorporated and it started to grow. Its name became known far and wide. As time passed by, the people who had conceived it left. The company grieved for a while but then it moved on. New people came to care for the company. As the years passed, it faced challenges but it overcame them successfully. It kept growing and became renowned worldwide.

Sound familiar? This is the story of the technology giant; Apple Inc. Everything has a story and all of us like a good one.

Whether it is reading a novel, watching a movie or listening to someone narrate an experience, stories have fascinated us for a long time. Ancient stories have been passed from generation to generation; stories of good versus evil, stories of courage, of love, of heartbreak, of betrayal, and what not.

But why limit stories to just humans?

As per the separate entity concept of business, a company is distinct from its owners. This means that it has its own life, its own journey, and a story. Why only a company? Every product has a story, waiting to be explored. [tweetshare tweet=”Every product has a story, waiting to be explored.” username=”@HiContentvista”]A story with a theme, plot points, structure, characters and setting. A story that narrates the ups and downs in its journey and how the product has shaped the lives of people.

Scene 2

Enter Business Storytelling

Business storytelling is a tool used to creatively present a company’s story or a product’s story to the world. A company can use it to make people relate to the company and its products. There is an emotional aspect to stories that makes one feel connected and creates recall value that is unmatched by traditional advertising.

A good story strikes a chord at the heart of readers invoking emotions and inviting them to make the company a part of their life. A company’s or a product’s story connects the dots in its timeline, its journey of ups and downs that have made it what it is today.


But what makes a good business story? Is it the characters or the plot? Is it the ups and the downs? The answer, essentially, is a combination of various aspects presented in an engaging manner.

Here are a few aspects that make up an engaging business story:

The Narrative

Even if the script is great, how an actor acts it out on screen is what decides the fate of a movie. The narrative of a business story should be engaging and should connect with the audience. A reader who feels connected will relate with your story and eventually your brand.

The Characters

Although many people have contributed to the success of Apple over the years, a name that is synonymous with Apple is Steve Jobs. In Apple’s story, he cannot be replaced. The characters play an important role in any story and readers will relate to engaging characters. Presenting a mix of the positives and negatives of the people in your story makes it even more relatable.

Here’s a quick tip: Involve customers as much as you can in your story. Give them a prominent role and show them how valuable they are.

The Value Proposition

There are many ways to communicate your value proposition to your customers, but conveying it through a story may be most effective. While revolving around the character and the plot, try to present the value that your brand is adding to customers’ life. When the reader is emotionally engaged in your story, it will leave a lasting impact.

Using these pointers, your story can make people relate to who you are and what you do. All you need is a fine blend of plot and presentation. If told correctly, a story can be a powerful tool for customer engagement.



While there are many customer engagement strategies a business can use, business storytelling, if done right, has the potential to change your business forever.

Here’s the deal; no matter how influential your story is, the reader will not connect to it if it is presented in a dull way. Nobody likes a lousy story.

You might know your own story better than anyone, but chances are that you might not know how to present it perfectly. And that’s where a good content writer can help.

And the best part? It won’t cost you a bomb. Companies spend millions of dollars every year on advertising and sales promotion. But customer engagement with these tools is minimal and temporary, at best. With business storytelling, customers will love your brand without being asked to do so and it will cost you only a small fraction of the millions you might be spending on traditional advertising.

Maybe business storytelling is new for you. But make no mistake about it; it is the future of customer engagement. And that’s the power of a good story; a “happily ever after” for you and your customers.


If you wish to tell your story to the world with a touch of finesse and a dash of flair, we can do that for you. Contact us to know more about our business storytelling services or schedule a free discussion. 

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