About Us

So, you want to know more about us, do you? Well, we have been called a content agency, a writing agency and a marketing agency, among other fancy names. But what WE like to call ourselves first and foremost is a creative agency.

Because that is what our writers, and our designers and our creators do; we create stuff. Stuff that is interesting, stuff that is engaging, and stuff that helps our clients to grow and earn! Our versatile team is an amalgam of in-house business writers, creative writers, graphic designers and SEO professionals.

We provide comprehensive content solutions including SEO web content, articles, blogs, brochures, product descriptions, copywriting, social media content and much more.

We are storytellers and we love telling stories. Stories that inspire. Stories that fascinate. Stories that make people stop and think.

Words are our bread and butter. From abstract facts and boring data, our writers weave the most fascinating narratives that are served fresh with dollops of professionalism, heaps of creativity, oodles of originality, and improvisation to taste.

We are good, period. We say this without any shades of condescension. We invite you to work with us and find out for yourself!

Our Story

Once upon a time, in a small Indian city, there was a guy who loved writing and editing and design. Although he had a day job that paid quite well, his heart and soul were in writing and he dreamed of creating a business that revolved around writing, marketing and everything creative.

So he found someone who shared his passion for words and design and ta-da; Content Vista was born! As time passed, great writers and designers and creative people of all sorts found their way to Content Vista.

Things came together and we evolved into the dedicated content marketing division of Vista Media and Marketing.

From designing basic WordPress websites for small clients (many of whom are still with us) to managing complete marketing campaigns for hot shot companies, we have come a long way!

A lot has changed since we started but at our heart, we are still a group of like-minded people who love writing, designing, telling vivid stories, laughing, playing and of course, creating new stuff.

We Love What We Do

At Content Vista, it’s not just about a specific service we can provide a client. Instead, we do everything with our heart firmly in it and focus on delivering specifically that which will help you grow. Here, we focus on delivering the best we can to the client in every way possible. Every project is a new adventure for us and we take the time to go deep into learning your goals and vision in order to help you achieve them!

Here, everyone contributes

Everyone at VistaSpace (from the CEO to the gardener!) knows that they have an impact on clients’ success whether directly or indirectly, so everyone does their bit to help you succeed.

More a partner, than a client

When we work for you, you’re not just a client but our partner for the long term. And that’s why we are always available for you and flexible to your needs.

We love new challenges

We handpick clients and projects we take up and we only choose work that challenges and stimulates us to create something new and inspiring!

Work is play for us

We deliver only the best to you and find true joy in what we create for you because let’s be honest; our work is play for us!

We do care about your happiness

We take pride in doing that little bit extra that for those we work with that will make you feel happier and lead to your success.

We succeed if you succeed

We adopt your goals as our own and don’t stop until you achieve what you aim for; which in fact is what success means to us!

Our Creators

Meet the brains behind all the brainstorming!

Our team-Content Vista-Aashna Mehta

Aashna Mehta

Creative Kudi

From designing the best creatives to handling operations like a pro, this kudi does it all!

Our team - Content Vista - Content King

Content King

Writer Par Excellence & Ruthless Editor

Lives to rid the world of bad content. Villian for bad writers, hero for clients; All Hail Content King!

Our team - Content Vista - Amritpal Sohal

Amritpal Singh

Designer Paaji

Creates great designs but doesn’t speak much. Short temper, big appetite, don’t mess with him!

Our team- Content Vista - Harshit Bhatia

Harshit Bhatia

The Go-to Guy

The people’s person! A creative mind with a strong business sense; Harshit makes sure that clients stay happy!

Our team-Content Vista-Simran Chaggar

Simran Chaggar

The All Rounder

Creative mind, scholarly brain; she is passionate about words and is capable of creating content for multiple niches!

Our team-Content Vista-Aviral Pandey

Aviral Pandey

पांडे जी

मिलिए हमारे हिंदी राइटर पांडे जी से जो हैं उच्च कोटि के कहानीकार। सही शब्दों को मोतियों की तरह पिरोना कोई इनसे सीखे।

pragati Nagpal

Pragati Nagpal


The girl with big ambitions! From tech to lifestyle to SEO, Pragati can create content for a variety of niches!

Suchita Chopra

Suchita Chopra

Writer, I am! Write, I can!

Engineer by qualification, writer by choice, Suchita strongly believes in adapting herself to new challenges!

Our team - Content Vista - Avni

Avni Chandra

This Girl Can Write

To write or not to write, is not a question for her. A go-getter, she just writes!

Our team-Content Vista-Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Roy

Writer guy

Loves researching and writing, researching and writing again and then some more researching and writing!